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Tattoo Design Inc. is an industry leader with a broad team of creative tattoo designers and artist making you adorn your body even more.

Fondness for tattooing is escalating across the globe and mostly in the US. Around 72% of adults in the US have tattoos. Considering the passion ignited among the tattoo-lovers, we step forward with our amazing bunch of online services. We, being a leading tattoo design company provides immaculately appealing online tattoo designs services. Our expert's design artists have an eye for creativity. Blending different styles, experimenting with innovative types, and creating a design that holds your breath.

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How Our Online Tattoo Design
Creators Cater You?

Do you know almost 31% of people believe tattoos made them more attractive and elegant? No need to dive into unending tattoo catalogues to pick one. Our tattoo designer for hire is here to provide swift tattoo creation process. From temporary to permanent tattoos, our online directory is full of many options.

A World of Tattoo Design

Choose from a broad collection of tattoos from Celtic to broken glass, paintbrush style to anatomical tattoos. We have an enormous gallery to choose from.

Top-Notch Tattoo Maker

Our best-in-the-class tattoo maker online helps you draw design without any trouble. Fill colors, create intricate patterns and let your imagination out in the form of beautifully crafted design.

Dedicated Services

Our tattoo artist online ensures to provide the most dedicated and passionate services. Making the customer comfortable they craft the kind of design he wishes.

Mind-Blowing Craftsmanship

Creating tattoos that symbolize emotions, embody a message and transform personality is the exceptional trait of our services that makes you adorn yourself even more.

How Technology Changed the Tattooing Perception

Do you fancy tattooing your body? Do you think people would perceive you to hold a criminal record if you get inked? Well, over the past decade technology has played a major role in reshaping the perspectives of people. It's no surprise how the vast percentage of people in the US have adopted the trend. It's not only limited to music or entertainment industry, you will find inked bodies in the Agriculture sector (22%), Retail (14%), and almost 9% in Information Technology.

Online Tattoo Consultation & Creation Pricing

We understand how stressful it is to select the right tattoo for your body. What you like in your teens you may not like after the 30s, that's understandable. So, here we are at Tattoo Design Inc. to help you make the right decision. We provide exceptional online consultation to design a custom tattoo between the price range of $150 to $200 per hour. Unleash your creativity with at the reasonable custom tattoo design prices.

Is It Okay To Get A Tattoo?

Tattoo design is a $1.7 trillion mainstream industry, is it overwhelming? The love for body art was breathing deep down among people, but the perception of it being anti-establishment, rebellious and criminal restricted the industry growth. However, with the advancement in technology and top-notch tools, to safely draw and remove the ink, have contributed to its widespread adoption.


We Are Good At

  • Blackwork

  • Dotwork

  • Watercolor

  • Realism

  • Old School

  • Japanese

  • Geometric

  • Tribal

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We Ink What You Think

Graffiti Tattoo

Graffiti tattoos are packed with inspiration. It’s an original drawing containing words, sentences or simple artwork that reflect a certain memory, thought or anything specifically related the person having it. We blend creative ideas and make custom graffiti tattoos with minimalistic detailing.

Japanese Style Tattoo

Japanese Style Tattoo is one of the leading and most widely preferred style. With specific color selection, it reflects glimpses of history. It has script, patterns and symbol all associated with the ancient Japanese culture. Around 46% people prefer it. Mostly you will find a dragon and symbolic animals in the designs.

Mambo-Destruttura-To Tattoo

If you have a sort of rebellious nature, then this is the right type of tattoo to have. Our tattoo artist for hire brings innovative artwork with appealing color combination to enhance the attractiveness of your personality. With our superior assistance, you can bring your imagination to live.

Minimalistic Tattoo

Minimalism in art is something that never fails to attract people. Whether you work on negative spaces, use lettering style, hyper-realistic or dotwork tattoo, you can make anything in the minimalist style. The design style gives an edge to use any color palette and incorporate eye-pleasing patterns.

American Traditional Tattoo

American Tattoos is one of the most chosen culture-inspired styles. The patterns, color selection and illusions created all are linked to the native American history. Faces of ancient heroes, symbolic icons, animals and shapes are all used in this style of tattooing.

Pointillism Tattoo

Pointillism tattoos are new to the industry. Our professional tattoo designers online are equipped with advanced tools to give you the intricate pointillism look. Each design shows an in-depth message and appeal. You can go for text-based tattoo to symbolic creation.

Tribal-Polynesian-Maori-Hawaiian Tattoo

Tribal-Polynesian-Maori-Hawaiian tattoo designs express native history and tribal cultures. Its symbols can indicate the hierarchy of societies back then. They are based on ranks, sexual maturity and genealogy. It is one of the most expensive styles as it involves complications and perfection to create with native touches.

Watercolor Tattoo

If you want to give a refreshing look to your skin, go for the watercolor tattoo. It involves a perfect blend of appealing watercolors with capitating shadows and enchanting patterns. Our creative individuals will make the most compelling design having picturesque shades.

Abstract Tattoo

Abstract tattoos involve the depiction of one's emotions and feelings. It reflects the deep intellectual level and shades of creativity. The design aspects are rich with deep meaning where every pattern is linked to a certain concept. The choice of colors and symbols all reflect a meaning.

Black-Grey Tattoo

Black-Grey Tattoo is one style that makes every idea looks ultra-attractive. Its finest of all and is preferred by the vast majority. In the U.S around 53% of people opt for animal faces created with Black-Grey ink on their forearms and sleeves.


Our Tattoo
Making Process

Are you looking for a full sleeves tattoo design but reluctant about its process? Guaranteeing perfection with ease, Tattoo design facilitates customers with fascinating custom tattoo design services near you. Learn about our swift tattoo making process.

Share Your Idea

At our custom tattoo studio, you can share your design idea. Do not be hesitant as we allow our customers to think out of the box and come up with anything they like.

Connect with The Artist

No need to cover up your tattoo when our most talented artists are at your service. Connect wit your dedicated professional and share every simplest details about your idea.

Designing Your Tattoo

Once our team is through of taking your idea details, they will begin designing your tattoo using most advanced tools and software. We’ll keep you updated during the process.

Ink It

Once the design is completed you can download it and head to your nearest tattoo parlor. You will have the certificate of authenticity to make it on your skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are out of ideas or eager to know the right trick to begin designing, get in touch with our experts and discuss your design details. With the help of our custom tattoo maker you can easily create whatever you want.

Pinstripe tattoos incorporate a vision or a message. You can connect with our professionals who will guide you about the right patterns involved. You can to be very selective with the kind of colors you choose.

Black-work Blackout is one of the boldest designing styles. You need to pick some abstract and keep the majority of its portion dark. The true message is depicted through the symbols form between negative spaces.

The cost of tattoos depends on the size of each letter. Tattoos covering a max of 4 inches of the skin ranges between $50 to $200. This range rises up to $450 depending on the pattern and intricacy of the style.

For a small tattoo, you can expect the price to range between $50-$100. The medium tattoo ranges between $200 to $300 whereas the large tattoo range between $250 to $450.