About us


With our profound experience of a decade in the industry, we breathe in absolute aesthetic in our digital portrayals of tattoo designs!
We are striving to refine the challenging and thrilling feat of getting tattooed with our cost effective digital solutions for customized tattoo designs!

Our dynamic team of tattoo specialists understands the gravity of this lifetime decision. We ensure creativity and highest level of personalization each time we develop tattoo designs by investing utmost time, research and skills to deliver unrivalled creation!

At Tattoo Design Inc. we deliver perfection, keeping every design true to its very essence! We highly respect and understand our clients’ special, unique requirements. Influenced by an emotional journey; a souvenir of an encounter, a cherished memorial, or simply a symbol to meditate and reflect, we are adept at visualizing and digitalizing all your special narratives!

Every illustration is fashioned after thorough research and direct, ongoing communication with the client. Be it a sleeve cover-up, basic motif design, or a complex labyrinth of distinct details, we make sure every aspect is interweaved; flowing into fluency!


Our Skills

Individual & unique tattoo art composed from our own original ideas & sketches, created exclusively for you. Each member of the Tattoo Design Inc. team are selected for their unique style, technique and creativity. We specialize in many genres while keeping traditional roots. We are always looking to break boundaries to provide you with a truly unique piece of art. We pride ourselves on our approach, working on a personal one to one basis with all our clients; our aim is to keep working on the concepts until our clients are fully happy with their design.

  • Blackwork

  • Dotwork

  • Watercolor

  • Realism

  • Old School

  • Japanese

  • Geometric

  • Old School

  • Tribal