Providing Incredible Assistance to Design Chest Tattoo Online

Tattoo Design Inc. is a promising design agency that stands apart for its massive range of chest tattoo ideas. With a team of competent artists on board we add a realistic touch to every design. We first observe the specific body part and choose the most suitable style to elaborate on the physique. Chest, being the center most part of the body has a lot of appeal in itself. With our artwork, we make the curves look more enchanting. So, if you want to make your chest more captivating get in touch with us. 

Design Custom Chest Tattoos with A Burst of Creativity 

Incorporating appeal in the simplest manner is our style. We create designs that depict our skills and highlight body part. On the chest of both men and women, we make sure to enhance the curves and make them look more realistic and eye-catching. Whether you want a 3D look where the wearer’s skin pops out in 3-dimensional artwork or prefer to go with a subtle look in Ambigram style, we know how it inks it. Your ideas are respected here and we make sure to keep our customers fully contended. We assure to make chest tattoos with perfection at an affordable pricing. 

How Much Does Chest Tattoo Cost

Are you wondering about how much money does a chest tattoo cost? well, here is a comprehensive break-up of the pricing range. 

  • The full chest tattoo design cost range between $600 to $1,200 and it takes around 6 hours to complete. 
  • The half chest tattoo design range between $250 to $500 which takes less than 4 hours to complete.

The price range may vary as well depending upon the design style. If your tattoo is too detailed it may cost higher than mentioned. 

Our Exceptional Chest Tattoo Makers

Making a tattoo is stressful. From conceptualizing its design to crafting the artwork on the skin, things get messier if not a professional is there. Hence, we have hired top-notch artist on board who devote themselves to creating the most appealing tattoos for the customers. We create designs that stand out from the clutters and look mind-boggling. Our chest tattoo designers offer cheap designs with unmatched perfection. So, to get amazing abstract art tattoo designs inked on your chest, get connected without further delays. 

Our Step by Step Process to Design a Chest Tattoo 

Here is a short guide about how to design a chest tattoo with the talented artists of Tattoo Design Inc

  • Share The Tattoo Brief 

Share your chest tattoo idea with our experienced artist with every little description. You have to be open with your details so that we can paint the right picture. 

  • Tattoo Creation 

Our tattoo makers will use the most advanced tools to create the kind of chest tattoo you want. We incorporate respective imagery for each type. For instance, in the biochemical design, we stick to adding a realistic touch.

  • Ink It 

Once we are through our tattoo creation process we submit the design to the customer who can ink it whenever he wants.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much would a whole chest tattoo cost?

The complete price range of a whole chest tattoo is between $250 to 42000. However, a sound cost break-up is mentioned below:

  • Tiny Tattoo- of a min of 2 inches- $30 – $100
  • Small Tattoo- of a min of 2 – 4 inches- $50 – $250
  • Medium Tattoo- of a min of 4 – 6 inches- $150 – $450
  • Large Tattoo- of a min of 6+ inches- $500 – $4,000

How much would a small chest tattoo cost and what’s the total duration?

The small tattoo with a simple design would cost around $200 and it will take up to 3 hours to be inked. Now here the price range may vary depending upon the experience of your artist. 

Beginners with 1-3 years of experience -range between $80 – $120

A Professional with 5-10 years of experience- charge between $120 – $180

What makes a good chest tattoo?

Perfect and professional finishing are the elements that make a tattoo stand out. If you want to make your chest more attractive rely on experienced artists.

How long does it take for a chest tattoo to heal?

The normal duration for a chest tattoo to heal is around 2 weeks. You may feel severe itching but you should not scratch the skin otherwise you will have to go for a cover up tattoo.